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13 Feb 2024

Guide to Cost of Living in Bangalore (2024)

The cost of living is one of the important factors before moving to a city in India, and Bangalore is no exception. According to Numbeo, Bangalore is the costliest city in India. Yes, Bangalore is quite expensive for beginners. But a ray of light here is that the cost of living in Bangalore can be controlled with sufficient planning and awareness. Let's learn about the same through this article.

Monthly Cost of Living in Bangalore

According to Magicbricks, the cost of living in Bangalore is 4th highest in India, based on comparison costs like rents, real estate, food, transportation, utilities, etc. A single person requires a minimum salary of INR 30000 to live comfortably in Bangalore. However, remember that the cost of living in Bangalore is not a standard but varies according to individual lifestyle choices. The average cost of living in Bangalore is estimated as follows:

Estimate of Cost of Living in Bangalore (2024)

Type of Expense

Bachelors (INR)

Couples (INR)



15K – 25K





6K – 8K



2K – 5K



2K – 3K



6K – 9K

Cost of Rent in Bangalore

Rental costs are the major share of the cost of living in Bangalore. While renting and buying is an option to stay in Bangalore, there are PGs like FF21 for working professionals that serve the needs of the hour for stay, providing all the conveniences with the burden of maintenance eliminated for them. Typically, it costs between INR 6,000 to 15,000 to stay in a PG, depending on the type of accommodation– single, double, or triple shared, location, and amenities.

Cost of Living at FF21

FF21 is the most affordable premium PG in Bangalore where you have the perk of enjoying a totally professional community. FF21 is strategically located to provide easy access to major IT Parks in Bangalore, which is crucial for young professionals. All major entertainment options along with tourist attractions are also nearby. The cost of living in Bangalore at FF21 PG varies from location to location. 

Cost of Living at FF21

FF21 Location


Double: INR 10000

Studio: INR 16500

Private Room: INR 22,500

Double:  INR 13,100

Private: INR 25,100

Double: INR 13,100

Studio: INR 16,100

Private: INR 25,100

Double:  INR 13,100

Studio: INR 16,100

Private: INR 25,100

POD*: INR 18,100

Double: INR 13,600 (Offer Price)

Studio: INR 16,100 (Offer Price)

Private: INR 26,100 (Offer Price)

1 BHK: INR 35,500 (Offer Price)

Single Room: ₹12500 with food

POD: Renting a bed facility in a shared room with access to all community features like bathroom, kitchen, etc.

All the above costs are inclusive of food costs. To join, you just have to book a room with a deposit amount of INR 6000 with no additional cost. Join our FFers at your convenient location to share the spirit of community in Bangalore today!

Read what FF21 has to offer for aspiring YOU.

On the other hand, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Malleswaram, Whitefield, Jayanagar, Electronic City, and Koramangla are some of the costly neighbourhoods to rent, where rents can go as high as 17000 INR, increasing the average cost of living in Bangalore.


There are plenty of cheaper ways to get around Bangalore, which helps reduce the overall cost of living in Bangalore for single persons and couples. Fortunately, the city's bus network and metro lines cover most of the city. The use of private vehicles, however, might increase the average cost of living in Bangalore to a premium.

Transportation Costs in Bangalore

Public Buses

₹15 to ₹50 per trip

Monthly Bus Pass

₹830 to ₹3150

Metro Rail

₹10 to ₹60 per trip

Metro Day Pass

150* for 1 Day

350* for 3 Days

550* for 5 Days 

*Additional 50 refundable costs for all types of passes.

Metro Contactless Smart Card

₹50 (Additional recharge is required for usage)

For the metro, it's ₹10-₹60 per trip. You can also choose Ola and Uber for cabs or Rapido and Bounce for scooters for trips around town; that can mean raising the cost of living in Bangalore. On the other hand, lots of choices mean the cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor becomes low.

Though living close to the location of your workplace eliminates transportation costs, you have to make a compromise between rental costs in the area and transportation costs to balance the cost of living in Bangalore.   

Cost of Food

Thanks to the local dairy production and local farm produce, food-related costs tend to be low in Bangalore. Whether you go to a small street shop, a larger grocery market, or choose online delivery from places like BigBasket, Blinkit, or Amazon, the cost for a household of two in Bangalore is quite reasonable, starting from ₹5,000 to ₹8,000– nearly 16.67% to 26.67% of monthly cost of living in Bangalore. 

For single people who don’t cook and like hostel food, the cost of living in Bangalore might increase a bit due to frequent dining outs. Eating out at a fairly priced restaurant for two can cost ₹200 to ₹1,500. In the trendy spots with small breweries and upscale restaurants, you might spend between ₹1,000 and ₹3,000.


The cost of living in Bangalore includes basic costs for services like water, electricity, and garbage disposal. If you're living alone, the expenses tend to be lower since you're not using as much power or water, and you don’t have many electrical gadgets. For example, if you're renting a 1BHK as a single person, the typical monthly utility costs are as follows:

  • 200 to 300 rupees for water, 

  • 500 rupees for waste disposal, 

  • 1000 and 2000 rupees for electricity,

  • And 500 to 1500 rupees for Internet and phone usage.

Tips to Reduce Cost of Living in Bangalore

  • Lay out a monthly budget and stick to it.

  • Stay in shared accommodation in the initial settling period.

  • Select the ideal location that helps you reduce the overall cost of living in Bangalore.

  • Stay near your workplace to eliminate transportation costs.

  • Try to cook at home if you’re living in private accommodation.

  • Travel by Public transportation to keep the cost of living in Bangalore in check.

  • Get travel passes for buses and metro to discount your travel tickets.

  • Keep track of spending on entertainment and fun.

  • Go to RC Puram to shop for clothes.

  • Go to public parks for workouts instead of gym subscriptions.


What is cost of co-living in Bangalore?

The cost of staying in living places in Bangalore varies depending on the choice of accommodation– Single, Double, or Triple occupancy. The average cost starts from INR 5000 and goes up to INR 20000 or more based on the location and choice of rooms.

What is the cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor?

The cost of living in Bangalore for a bachelor is approximately ₹30,000/month. However, this is an average estimate. The actual cost may be high or low depending on the lifestyle choices and budget planning. If you seek to spend more on dine-outs and entertainment, you need more.

What is the minimum salary to live comfortably in Bangalore?

A minimum salary of INR 30,000-INR 60,000 is needed to live a comfortable life in Bangalore by choosing to stay in affordable places like Banaswadi and Nagawara. 

Can we live in Bangalore with a 15K salary?

By choosing to stay in shared accommodation and live a simple lifestyle, it is possible to live in Bangalore with a 15000 salary. However, you might not want to expect too much fun in the city, except weekend movies at the most.

Is Bangalore a costly city?

According to Magicbricks, Bangalore is the 4th most expensive city in India after Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. However, the cost of living in Bangalore is subjective and heavily depends on individual lifestyle choices and spending patterns. 

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