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19 Jun 2024

Explore the most Instagrammable Places in Bangalore

In the Garden city of Bangalore, every corner holds the potential to become a captivating canvas for your Instagram feed. From vibrant street art that breathes life into mundane walls to architectural marvels that blend tradition and modernity, this city offers an array of photogenic destinations. 

Whether you seek the tranquillity of lush gardens, the charm of quaint cafes, or the grandeur of regal palaces, Bangalore promises to its diverse tapestry of visual delights. Prepare to discover the best instagrammable places in Bangalore, where each click of the shutter weaves a story waiting to be shared with the world through your IG feed.

Most Instagrammable Places in Bangalore

  • KR Flower Market

The burst of vibrant colours from exotic flowers creates a stunning backdrop, perfect for early morning Instagram shots. Arrive early for the best blooms, and use macro mode for floral close-ups.

  • National Gallery Of Modern Art (NGMA)

Colonial-style architecture and over 500 modern art pieces make every corner of NGMA a picturesque spot. Look for interesting artwork angles and incorporate architectural elements for shots.

  • Bangalore Palace

Tudor-style architecture with vivid Azulejo tiled benches and fountains offers a royal and photogenic experience. When shooting, utilise reflections in fountains/tiles and focus on intricate details.

  • Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park

A natural haven with diverse butterfly species and an artificial waterfall, ideal for nature-focused Instagram posts. Use a telephoto lens and be patient to capture butterflies in flight. Literally, there are plenty of opportunities to get a creative IG post/reel.

  • Graffiti on Church Street

Artistic street murals from the St+Art festival provide a vibrant and edgy background for street photography. Try incorporating vibrant murals as backgrounds, or try urban portraits when shooting.

  • Blossom Book House

This iconic second-hand bookstore with stacks of rare finds creates a charming, literary aesthetic. Arrange books creatively and use warm lighting for a cosy feel on Instagram.

  • The Wishing Chair

Enid Blyton-inspired decor with whimsical and quirky elements makes this lifestyle store a dreamy Instagram spot. Capture quirky decor pieces in a flat-lay style and use props.

  • Lalbagh Glass House

Modelled after the Crystal Palace in London, this glasshouse hosts bi-annual flower shows that are visually captivating. Frame architectural lines and diffused lighting for intimate floral shots.

  • Skyye Rooftop Bar

At 16 floors high, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of Bangalore's skyline, making it a prime spot for landscape shots. Aim for golden hour skyline shots and night photography with city lights for maximum output.

  • The Bohemian House

This creative co-working space in a heritage bungalow offers a stylish, minimalistic environment perfect for chic photo shoots. Contemplate minimalist decor flat lay and styled coffee/brunch shots herein.

  • Bengaluru Logo

The iconic Bengaluru logo in the city centre is a vibrant symbol of the city's modern identity, making it a must-capture for any visitor. For fun poses, try interacting with the logo and using a wide angle to capture the environment.

  • Vidhana Soudha

This majestic building, with its grand Dravidian architecture and illumination at night, stands as a stunning testament to Bangalore's political and architectural heritage. Focus on architectural detail close-ups and grand wide-angle exterior shots.

  • Ulsoor Lake

The serene waters of Ulsoor Lake, surrounded by lush greenery, provide a peaceful and picturesque setting perfect for capturing tranquil moments. Wait for tranquil lake reflections and try vibrant duck/bird photography. Capture boating in the lake.

  • Sly Granny

Sly Granny’s eclectic decor, Arnold Schwarzenegger wallpaper, and twinkling rooftop lights make for effortlessly Instagrammable moments. Use playful cafe-themed portraits and quirky wall art as backdrops.

  • Pottery Town

Known for its beautiful pottery laid out for everyone to admire, Pottery Town captures Bangalore's rustic, old-world charm. Try for rustic textures close-up, and tell a visual story with the pottery.

  • JustBeCafe

The set-up includes a pretty garden space and a warm foyer with colourful decor, perfect for a laid-back, aesthetic Instagram feed. It is suitable for framing lush greenery and indoor/outdoor cafe ambience shots.

  • Kaze

Kaze, the highest restaurant and bar in the city, offers panoramic views of Bangalore’s scenic beauty both day and night. It is worth visiting for its night skyline silhouettes and moody cocktail/food close-ups.

  • High Ultra Lounge

Overlooking the twinkling lights of Malleshwaram, this stunning rooftop lounge offers breathtaking city views paired with stylish cocktails and global dishes. Long-exposure light trails and dramatic city panoramas are ample.

  • URU Brewpark

With minimalistic decor and chic spots, URU Brewpark is known for its gin and barbeque section, offering Instagrammable settings for every social chic. Crisp beer glass product shots and modern farmhouse decor details are the takeaways.


The Indian Music Experience in JP Nagar features visually appealing walls and architecture, making it a photogenic spot. Focus on architectural abstracts, black & white for graphic punch.

  • Nandi Hills

Get Instagrammable panoramic views from the ancient fortress, with the iconic Nandi Bull statue against lush green hills that make for stunning photos during sunrise and sunset. Epic landscape shots at sunrise/set, frame with iconic Bull statue.

  • Lazy Suzy

The cheery yellow bungalow with splashes of blue and a tree growing through the roof creates a unique and charming backdrop. The cafe has a bright, colourful aesthetic, incorporating tree/roof details.

  • Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

The palace's intricate carvings, beautiful floral motifs, and stunning arches provide a rich historical and architectural setting. See regal portraits and architecture framed by archways.

  • Grover Vineyard

The scenic views of Nandi Hills in the background, beautiful sunlight, and lush grass make for picturesque and vibrant photos. The photography or reels feature winding paths leading to lines and rolling vineyard hill landscapes.

Useful Tips for Instagram

  • Use natural lighting (golden hour) when possible for warm, flattering tones.

  • Play with different angles and perspectives for a fresh look.

  • Incorporate leading lines and frames within the composition.

  • Utilise negative space and symmetry for clean, balanced shots.

  • Experiment with portrait mode for beautiful bokeh effects.

  • Use tags for reach in Bangalore instagram pages.

  • Respect the rules of aesthetic places in Bangalore for photoshoots.

Instagrammable Cafes in Bangalore

  1. Paper and Pie Cafe– A japandi aesthetic cafe with soundproof meeting rooms and a podcast room, offering a unique and stylish work environment.

  2. Amintiri– Lovely teal interiors and crockery, perfect for capturing mouth-watering dessert shots.

  3. Cafe Noir– Simple white walls and classic furniture create a modest yet elegant ambience for photos.

  4. The Kind Roastery– An all-white cafe with pops of green from plants, providing a zen and relaxing vibe.

  5. The Hebbal Cafe–A luxurious cafe with handcrafted furniture and exquisite cuisine by Marriott, ideal for upscale food photography.

  6. The Rogue Elephant– A serene alfresco cafe surrounded by greenery, ideal for capturing nature-themed shots.

  7. DYU Art Cafe– Stunning simple interiors with art pieces, creating artistic ambience for lifestyle shots.


The diverse array of instagrammable places in Bangalore promise an exciting adventure at every turn. As a passion or leisure activity, embrace the city's vibrant energy, and let your lens capture the essence of the most aesthetic places of this multifaceted urban gem, Bangalore.


What are the top 10 aesthetic places in Bangalore?

  1. KR Flower Market

  2. National Gallery Of Modern Art (NGMA)

  3. Bangalore Palace

  4. Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park

  5. Graffiti on Church Street

  6. Blossom Book House

  7. The Wishing Chair

  8. Lalbagh Glass House

  9. Skyye Rooftop Bar

  10. The Bohemian House

What are the instagrammable restaurants in Bangalore?

Rural Blues, The London Curry House, Grasshopper, Olive Bar and Kitchen, Phobidden Fruit, Bloomsbury's Cafe, Yogi-Sthaan, and Bier Library are among the best photogenic restaurants in Bangalore.

Are there any hidden photography spots in Bangalore?

Hesaraghatta Lake, Chinnappanahalli Lake Park, Hennur Lake, Jakkur Lake Park, Panathur Lake, Kundalahalli lake, Agara lake, Begur fort are some of the hidden photography spots in Bangalore. 

Is Bangalore safe at night?

While Bangalore has a strong police force and many well-lit areas, it's advisable to be cautious at night. Stay in crowded, brightly-lit places or use local transportation services.

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