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Room at INR 10,000 with Food

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A place where you can make



Modern Co-Living and PG Spaces near ITPL, Bangalore for Young Professionals

Detailed Walkthrough of FF21-ITPL

Be who you are in a place where your individuality is treasured!

(Areas accessible from FF21-ITP - Whitefield, AECS Layout, Brookefield, Hope Farm, Nallurahalli, ITPL, EPIP Zone, Prestige Shantiniketan)

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Rooms available with Food! Register to know more. 

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One room, two beds! Get a friend along or meet a new friend, become FFers together!

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Price: INR 10,000
(Per person / Per month*)


A twin sharing room with a dry kitchenette. This studio can accommodate separate twin beds or a double bed too!

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Price: INR 16,500
(Per person / Per month*)


A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Now take office con-calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!

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Price: INR 22,500
(Per person / Per month*)

Book now with our new ZERO DEPOSIT policy!


*All the prices listed above are exclusive of taxes. 12% GST will be added, as applicable

TnC apply* 


A few more glimpses!

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Enjoy all the above amenities at your FF21! It's "All Inclusive" with your rental.

Come visit us, we will love to show you around!

Good to know - Checklist!

Welcome to FF21 – Your Co-living & PG near ITPL, Bangalore

FF21 is a PG in ITPL and a community living space that seeks to foster deep connections, facilitate the utmost convenience for its inmates, and provide the most modernised amenities in the heart of Bangalore. Here, you make memories, gain friends, and become a part of a larger family. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just landed in Bangalore, our PG near ITPL Bangalore does everything possible to make you feel at home.

Unparalleled Co-living Experience near ITPL, Bangalore

Welcome to FF21, your next chapter in community living right in the pulsating heart of Bangalore's ITPL area. Fret not that you have just relocated to Bangalore. The FF21 community is here to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

At our PG near ITPL Bangalore, you will embark on a unique adventure where the essence of co-living transforms into an enriching lifestyle, making more than just a roof over your head. Here, every corner is crafted to enhance your life – whether it's through deep, lasting connections, state-of-the-art comforts, or moments that turn into cherished memories.

Dive into the convenience of our meticulously designed Work Pods and Stations, where productivity blooms amidst peace and camaraderie. At FF21 PG near ITPL, we redefine the ease of access with our on-the-go Vending Machine, ensuring your cravings are always just a button away. Channel your inner chef in our Self-Cooking Kitchens of PG in ITPL, a haven for culinary exploration and shared dinners.


As the sun sets, unwind with a friendly match in our vibrant array of indoor games. There is High-Speed Wifi, isolated WFH spots, and socialising spaces that facilitate endless network opportunities that are rare in most luxury coliving spaces in Bangalore. Who knows? You might find your next big career opportunity by beginning the journey at FF21 itself. 


Our PG near ITPL Bangalore continues to play a significant role in catalysing fruitful interactions between young professionals in the community. FF21 is among the few coliving spaces in Bangalore that celebrates cultural mix and diversity.


That said, FF21 PG in ITPL isn't just a place to stay – it's where friendships flourish, professionals thrive, and a larger family is waiting to welcome you. We're dedicated to making every moment here feel like you've finally arrived home.

Comfortable Living with All Modern Amenities

FF21 goes a step further in empathising with the needs of our community and ensuring to make your life at our PG in ITPL easier. Personalization is at the core of the modern amenities we provide. The best part? Costs are all-inclusive in the rental prices.

Basic Amenities at our PG near ITPL for gents include a furnished bedroom, water & electricity, and cleaning. The range of amenities increases according to the room you choose! The double- and single-occupancy rooms come with beds and lockers, along with modern bathrooms. 


The studio rooms in our PG near ITPL Bangalore boast plentiful amenities, including a water kettle and a microwave oven. You can request isolated beds or double occupancy beds to suit your needs. There is no separate cost for food. The "All inclusive" rent covers the food cost as well.


The Convenience of Living Near ITPL

FF21 PG near ITPL Bangalore is strategically located to serve as a doorway to one of the prominent IT hubs in Bangalore. ITPL tech park is the oldest in Bangalore and currently home to 25+ MNCs, including TCS, GE, and AT&T. With access to a multitude of MNCs in the tech park, FF21 stands as the best coliving space in Bangalore for young professionals. 


FF21 is one of the new coliving spaces in Bangalore located in the Whitefield cluster. Most dining places, buzzing malls, bars, and nightclubs are within 10 km. Bangalore's city center is 18 km from our FF21 PG near ITPL for ladies. 


Areas accessible from FF21 PG in ITPL– Whitefield, AECS Layout, Brookefield, Hope Farm, Nallurahalli, ITPL, EPIP Zone, Prestige Shantiniketan. Of course, FF21's own spaces will never let you have one dull moment with its flourishing community. 

Discover the essence of community living at FF21 PG near ITPL, Bangalore. Nestled in the heart of Bangalore's tech hub, our coliving space near HBR Layout offers modern amenities and fosters deep connections among residents. Explore the convenience and comfort of co-living near HBR Layout and Bellandur at FF21.


Tailored Living Spaces for All

FF21 PG in ITPL offers three types of accommodation for both gents and ladies, differing only in amenities and cost. Basic amenities include furnished bedrooms with cozy bedding material, a bedside table for keeping stuff, a blackboard, and a cushioned sitting area. Every room will have window sides to let ventilation and light enter. 


Night lights, focus lights, and bed lights are equipped. Every bed is provided with a drawer section where you can keep clothes or other items for easy retrieval. Separate electricity sockets are provided for every bed for additional convenience to our community. The aesthetics of FF21 rooms are visually pleasing and add personality to the living spaces.


*The rental costs for all types of accommodations include food and service chargers.


Double Occupancy: One room, two beds! Get a friend along or, meet a new friend, and become FFers together!


Studio Room: A twin-sharing room with a dry kitchenette that can accommodate separate twin beds or a double bed, too!


Private Room: A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Now, take office calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!


Beyond Living – Community Events and Gatherings

FF21 stands to offer something beyond the coliving experience. The opportunities for get-togethers are only limited by your imagination. Come together to showcase talents and put up impromptu music, dance, or stand-up comedy shows! FFers have the chance to spread their wings. Our PG in ITPL plays a large role by facilitating vibrant spaces and curated lounges for these purposes.


Use the communal living opportunity of our PG near ITPL Bangalore to seek job-related guidance at the best! Sit together to discuss interview tips or seek out help in carving out an outstanding resume for yourself. Or learn to negotiate salary when you sit with HRs. You say it, and FF21 makes the dream come true.


Are you a game for challenge? Bring on the spirit in you through our Snooker, Foosball,

& TT indoor games.


Celebrate festivals together or curate your party style for a blast together; our PG near ITPL Bangalore supports you in maximising the fun in every step. Do you want to share your achievements? We invite you to organise glittering events within the premises. There is a party space on the terrace, specially customised to impart joyful moments and foster that communal bonding further. 


Thanks to the various community experiences, social gatherings, and myriad events that continue to make FF21 PG in ITPL a vibrant and lively coliving space in Bangalore.

We welcome you to drop in or do a virtual location tour of our properties to determine if they suit your needs!

For more information on how we can make this happen together, whatsapp us or drop us an email today!

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Whatsapp at +91 93640 01685   |

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Stalk Us Here!

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Kundanhalli, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, HBR Layout 

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