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10 Apr 2024

PG Life: Tips and Tricks for Co-Living

In today's world, where ambitious youth stay away from home in search of careers and a good life, co-living spaces and PGs often have a part of their life. In such cases, they must ensure to make the most out of their PG life rather than look at it as a place of stay. They must form new bonds and long-lasting connections that take them far in their personal and professional life. That is why knowing the tips and tricks of co-living assumes the front seat. 

People in coliving spaces come to learn and thrive; they may not necessarily be all-knowing. A PG life provides ample opportunity to gain social skills in a safe environment. Learn the few essential tips to navigate your PG life effortlessly in this blog post.

Tips to Navigate the PG Life

Active Communication at the Heart

Active communication is at the core of leading a successful coliving in PGs. Engaging in open dialogues reduces misunderstandings between fellow people. It also conveys expectations and allows one to understand others' points of view. It sets an encouraging atmosphere where everyone can voice their opinions and ideas. Think of setting dedicated communication channels at every juncture, at community lounges, dining spaces, or within the room. 

Plan regular check-ins over a cup of coffee, during meal times (though we discourage talking when eating!), or at leisure times to discuss updates and concerns and celebrate achievements. Come up with conflict resolution strategies to deal with head-ons or mutual discomforts. Ensuring active communication makes the coliving space a haven for collaboration and mutual respect.

Embrace the Community

Getting homesick is normal if you're away from your home, more so if you're living in the PG for the first time. But isolating yourself like a wallflower will only make matters worse. We're not talking about becoming a highly socialising person, but avoidance and escaping of people is not a good thing. Just greet people with "Hi" whenever you see them. 

Showing your face regularly at all community events and actively participating in them not only creates a positive feeling about you but also makes the whole ambience conducive to your growth. If you're living in a community like FF21, you will embrace plenty of professional opportunities by actively staying in touch with people.

Decide Your Boundaries

While active communication is paramount, it doesn't mean you compromise personal boundaries of yourself or anyone else's. Boundaries are by no means restrictions. They are a pathway for smooth PG life in coliving spaces. Communicate your expectations, needs and preferences unabashedly with your roommates and everyone concerned. Whether it is quiet hours, sharing belongings, bedtimes, guest policies or the extra comfort you might need. Convey them to the concerned people and see yourself fostering strong relationships with people. 

At the same time, respect the boundaries of others also. Listen to them with empathy and try to give them what they need. Deciding mutual boundaries is a way to avoid future conflicts and build great bonds that go beyond the PG life.

Layout a Budget and Follow It

A good PG life requires personal discipline at its highest level. Financial discipline is a crucial aspect. While living in a coliving space, rent and utility costs might appear more apparent. However, keeping a watch on leaking expenses, however small, is key to staying within budget. To manage it, try the reverse way: Keep a monthly budget and stick to it religiously. That way, you will have better control over what you're spending and how. 

Once you can track your financial behaviour and make necessary adjustments, you have become a person of substance. Choosing a good PG can shape your life in that direction.

Take Responsibility for Your Belongings

Depending on the guest policies and security arrangements, most coliving spaces ensure round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance. They may also have redressal mechanisms for lost items. But let's not bring it that far. Keeping a check on your personal belongings and properly securing them is a good practice in PG life. As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure". 

Most community coliving spaces in Bangalore provide ample facilities to secure the belongings of guests, such as lockers, cupboards, etc. Ensure that your belongings are kept safe so you don't have to complain later on. Your behaviour will also impact others positively. 

Respect Shared Spaces

Wherever you're in a coliving space, uphold the rules and policies of the place. They're designed to ensure comfort and convenience for every guest without overlap. Always use dedicated dustbins for dumping waste, do not turn on electricity everywhere, do not untidy community spaces, be aware of clothing amidst the community, keep the voice in calls low, and much more. 

Maintain etiquette when using shared rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Whatever the aspect, ensure to keep the decorum of the place. If you're unsure about a particular rule, ask the concerned in-charges to get clarification. Remember that your every act has an impact on other guests.

Community Boards

Every PG must have a dedicated channel of communication for announcements or PG life management. Host a common board where both management and people can make regular announcements about new rules, events, updates, changes, etc. This will keep everyone on the same page and ensure transparency among the community, leading to mutual trust and respect.

Graceful Conflict Management

Despite the active communication and friendly atmosphere, conflicts are bound to arise. It may not always be for personal reasons. It could be because of disagreeing views. However, how maturely you can solve them sets the tone for a positive environment rather than avoiding them. It will also open up new issues hitherto unknown, allowing for their fixing in the future. 

When a conflict arises, don't take sides but evaluate the situation objectively. Actively listen to everyone involved and take a stand to solve the problem. Remember, blaming someone will not yield results for anyone. If you're unable to solve the problem, seek the help of a third party. The end goal is always to live a joyful PG life with the community.

Fun Activities to Foster Relationship with Community & Roommates

PG life in co-living spaces can be more than a place to stay. By actively participating in communities, designing creative activities, and organising events that bring together people, PG life can be a stepping stone to finding the expression of who they are. Some ideas for getting closer to the PG community are given below. Try them!

Sustainable Weekends: Dedicate weekends to implement sustainable living practices to reduce waste and conserve energy. Participate in planting on that day and go zero on power usage. Set out to bring awareness to other members of the community. When night comes, organise candlelight dinners to call it a day.

Resource Pooling: Here is a great idea to make the PG life more fulfilling. Create a shared fund to invest in communal benefits like subscriptions or emergency needs. Get a mini-theatre, disco lights for weekend parties, solar-powered water heaters or anything beneficial. Make the idea bigger by using the excess funds to support local causes.

Culture Swap: To make PG life more valuable, conduct monthly or periodic events to share and learn about different cultures through stories, games, and crafts. People from different cultures shall volunteer to share the nuances of their traditions and instil the feeling that differences can be an opportunity to embrace people.

Join Grocery Shopping: A better way to bond with your roommates and the PG community is by joining them on their errands. Whether they're going grocery shopping, leisure walking or recreation on any day, join them and get to know them better. It paves the way for fewer conflicts and helps you practise empathy.

Wellness Wednesdays: The awareness regarding physical and mental health still needs refinement. If you know the implications, dedicate Wednesdays to conducting in-house events to raise awareness about the importance of good mental and physical health. Speak about the solutions for people dealing with such problems. Believe us, you'll become a huge inspiration for your PG community. 

Feedback Sessions: Management must hold regular meetings to invite their community to discuss PG life, provide feedback about various amenities and facilities, and offer suggestions for improvements. Convey that you're interested in the well-being of your community. 

Celebrate Achievements: When your roommate or community member achieves a milestone, invite them to celebrate it together. It doesn't have to end there! Extend your token of gratitude for the help you received from your roommates, whether moral or monetary. Plan surprise parties for their birthdays. The list is only limited by imagination.

How FF21 Helps Navigate the PG Life

FF21 is a coliving space rather than a PG. It believes that life should not be a giveaway in a PG life. A coliving space is where people should invest to grow beyond their limits. At every step, FF21, as a community living space, comes out, from organising regular get-togethers to weekend parties and talent showcases. We step back as much as possible to provide an opportunity for FFers to step forward and do what benefits everyone.

We allow our community to take centre stage and implement new ideas to make the PG life lively and memorable. There are communal lounges, kitchens, and game rooms, along with various indoor and outdoor facilities, to provide ample space and room for their ideas. Whether people come forward to celebrate their achievements, organise debate sessions, or take on outdoor adventures, PG life at FF21 is the most happening as a promise.


Remember, bonding with the PG community is something you want to carry until the end of your life. So make it worth staying wherever you go. Tips like financial discipline, respecting shared spaces, embracing community without stepping on boundaries, and practising self-responsibility are great hacks to ace not just PG life but personal life in general.


Is it possible to live alone in a PG?

Yes. A PG facilitates living alone or in a community by offering different choices. If you like socialising, there are shared bedrooms. If you like private rooms, PGs also provide them.

Is a PG better than a hostel?

If you're concerned about privacy and living quality, a PG or coliving space is a better choice. But if you're tight on budget and are okay sharing a room with random people, a hostel is a good option.

What are the things to carry while moving to a coliving space?

A toolbox, Toiletries, Bedding and Linen, a First Aid Kit, Clothing, Electronics, Stationery, Study Materials, Kitchenware, and Storage Solutions are some of the essential things to carry while moving to a coliving space.

Should I stay in a PG or a flat? 

If you are living alone in a new city like Bangalore, choose PG or coliving spaces for your stay. You can interact with other people to drive away loneliness. Plus, it reduces the burden of managing utilities, food, and other things. But if you plan to live with your family, go for a flat.

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