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25 Apr 2024

What is Coliving PG?

Beyond hostels and PGs, the idea of shared living has evolved to become the newly popular coliving spaces. The goal of coliving spaces is to be something more than a simple living space; to help residents expand their lives in every possible way. 

If a PG provides plenty of amenities like a gym, pools, game rooms, and other facilities for recreation along with accommodation, that becomes a coliving space. It is suitable for students, working professionals, digital nomads, and the newly relocated.

They are preferred by working professionals who are looking for comfort and camaraderie beyond affordability. Let's look in detail at "What is a coliving PG", and the benefits and advantages of coliving spaces for working professionals. Curious? Dive right in!

What is Coliving PG in India?

Coliving spaces offer the best of community living by combining the features of both hostels and PGs. They invite people and professionals from all walks of life who live, socialise, and eat under the same roof. Compared to hostels and PGs, coliving spaces cater to diverse needs of people for entertainment, recreation and a healthy lifestyle.

Coliving spaces provide plenty of options for a comfortable stay–gym areas, curated lounges, party spaces, pools, game rooms, kitchenettes, terrace areas, prayer halls, workstations, coffee and vending machines, and several outdoor spaces for complete lifestyle support. Residents can do more than stay in the place, whether it is organising events, getting together or other communal activities. 

The management takes responsibility for the maintenance part, allowing flexibility of choice in various amenities provided. The concept of coliving PG in India is gaining traction in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. It serves millennials and Gen Z, who believe in openness and social networking.

What is Coliving PG vs PG?

While both coliving PGs and normal PGs serve the primary purpose of boarding and lodging, PGs do not go beyond providing basic amenities and room options. However, coliving spaces provide plenty of recreational facilities for fostering a community feeling, letting the residents choose what they want to do. 

While PGs do allow socialising, it is left to the choice of inmates. If they want to socialise, they can do so whenver. Coliving PGs actively seek to develop a community feeling by conducting various events. Compared to PGs, coliving PGs are costly due to added facilities. But it is worth living in them.

Benefits of Staying in Coliving PGs

  • Opportunity to meet people from different cultures and resulting intellectual growth.

  • Network with fellow professionals that help both personal and career growth.

  • Find expression of inner talents through plenty of in-house and outdoor events. 

  • Living among peers provides a built-in support network for dealing with life's challenges.

  • The idea of a single invoice associated with staying in a PG gives control over spending and supports financial discipline.

  • Gain leadership skills through opportunities to organise events and learn quality socialising.

  • Enjoy independence within a secure environment managed responsibly.

  • Simplifies adjusting to a new city with ready-made connections and local insights.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with supportive amenities provided. It allows for work-life balance. 

  • Living in shared spaces promotes sustainable living. Energy consumption and spending for a single person are significantly reduced compared to living in separate flats. 

  • Allows short-term leases so residents can move out whenever they want to. 

  • Freedom to explore and travel more.

Disadvantages of Coliving PGs

  • Coliving PGs may not be an ideal choice for people who prefer solitude. 

  • Disagreements may arise over the use of communal amenities.

  • While the policies of PGs are flexible, they might feel restrictive to the newly adjusting people.

  • Social dynamics may lead to exclusion or uncomfortable environments.

  • Personal preferences for decor or cleanliness might conflict with other roommates.

  • May have to adjust personal habits to fit the communal living set-up.

Why a Coliving Space is the best for Professionals

Cost Effective: Working professionals thinking of renting I BHK flats and apartments must check out coliving spaces if they're alone. They offer an affordable alternative by providing all the facilities and amenities without burdening the management part of utilities, etc.

Prime Locations: Most coliving spaces are located in prime locations close to IT parks, city centres and active neighbourhoods to make commuting and accessibility hassle-free.

Convenience: Coliving spaces are furnished to a great extent compared to hostels or PGs. They can also arrange for customised options on request. It reduces the need for daily chores and set-up costs. 

Community and Networking: Coliving spaces bring together people from diverse backgrounds and professions. It provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people and expand one's personal and professional network.

Modern Facilities: Most coliving spaces are known for their modern amenities and facilities, from customised rooms, bathrooms, and communal areas to recreational spaces like game rooms, gyms, pools, party spaces, and common kitchens; plenty of amenities support a healthy lifestyle. They also take away the burden of maintenance.

Safety and Security: Coliving spaces take strict measures to ensure the safety and security of their residents with 24*7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance, multiple storage facilities, and smooth grievance redressal channels.

Personal Freedom: Working professionals who want to live on their terms choose coliving spaces that facilitate personal freedom. While prioritising the safety and security of the residents, they don't interfere with personal freedom, whether by restricting timings or imposing uncanny rules.

Sense of Community: Transitioning to big cities for jobs is a challenging affair. It can suddenly bring homesickness and an identity crisis. Choosing coliving spaces serves as a safety net for developing a sense of belongingness, driving away loneliness with a lively community, and making the transition a pleasant experience.


Coliving PGs are revolutionising the concept of shared living for working professionals and students. They provide customised amenities, food, and continuous support to promise comfort and convenience for residents. A coliving PG in Bangalore offers much more than anticipated for the newly relocated, ensuring a smooth transition for them.

If you're looking for a good coliving PG in Bangalore, FF21 could provide you with a top-notch community living experience. Contact us today!

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What is the concept of co-living?

Coliving is a contemporary living style where people have their private bedroom in a furnished house with shared spaces. It's popular in big cities as an affordable housing option for students, working professionals, digital nomads, and people moving to a new area.

Are all coliving PGs unisex?

The majority of coliving PGs are gender neutral, accommodating both gents and ladies in the same properties, depending on the choices of individuals. However, there are separate coliving spaces available for gents and ladies also.

How much does a coliving PG cost in Bangalore?

A coliving PG can cost from INR 9000-20000/month depending on the choice of room and facilities offered. Some coliving PGs like FF21 include food and utilities as part of the monthly rent. Some charge them separately. 

Who is the target audience for coliving PGs?

According to several surveys, millennials and Gen Z are the groups that prefer living spaces more than anyone else.

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