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Room available near Kalyan Nagar

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A place where you can make

FF21 - Kalyan Nagar

Modern Co-Living and PG Spaces near Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore for Young Professionals

Detailed Walkthrough of FF21-HBR Layout

People are usually happiest at home and FF21 is full of happy people!

(Areas accessible from FF21-HBR - Kalyan Nagar, HBR Layout, Kamanahalli, Ramamurthy Nagar, Banaswadi, Nagawara, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, New BEL Road, Sahakarnagar, RMZ Infinity, MG Road ) 

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To sleep or not to sleep, we'll spoil you for choice!

Rooms available with Food! Register to know more. 


One room, two beds! Get a friend along or meet a new friend, become FFers together! We have bunk beds and side by side available!

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Price: INR 13,200
(Per person / Per month*)


A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Now take office con-calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!

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Price: INR 25,200
(Per person / Per month*)



*All the prices listed above are exclusive of taxes. 12% GST will be added, as applicable


A few more glimpses!

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Enjoy all the above amenities at your FF21! It's "All Inclusive" with your rental.

Come visit us, we will love to show you around!

Good to know - Checklist!

Welcome to FF21 – Your Co-living & PGs in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru 

If you are looking for a community living experience in Bangalore, look no further! FF21 PG near Kalyan Nagar is a comfortable and well-equipped coliving space with a vibrant community setting. Designed to foster a sense of belonging and convenience, FF21 is the perfect coliving space in Kalyan Nagar to kick-start your careers in the cosmopolitan Bangalore.

Unparalleled Co-living Experience Near Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru 

At FF21, we promise to offer an unparalleled living experience. Diverging from the traditional definition of a PG as a place to stay and move on, staying at FF21 is inseparable from making memories and life-long connections. FF21 PG in Kalyan Nagar is all geared up to inculcate a sense of belonging and warmth of a sensible community. Anyone who is a fresh graduate or experienced professional will start a new chapter in the heart of FF21 in Bangalore.

We reinvent coliving spaces to help our guests grow high beyond just living. Here, you have the company of a sacred community and the safety of a professional structure. You come here to mingle and celebrate. To drive away your boredom and find purpose. While beginning to unfold a new chapter, FF21 PG near Kalyan Nagar encourages celebration as part of its everyday life to enrich the community feeling.

Comfortable Living with All Modern Amenities 

FF21 is well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities. It goes beyond the traditional laws of PGs to serve the needs of young professionals. Plush bedrooms, cosy living spaces, and state-of-the-art furniture settings are coupled with premium facilities throughout our Kalyan Nagar PG for Gents and Ladies. With curated lounges, lush green outdoors, workpods, vending machines, community kitchens, storage facilities, and ultra-modern bathrooms FF21 an embodiment of a luxury PG in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

The modern amenities are supported by a 24x7 power supply, unlimited Wi-Fi, water, periodic maintenance, and strict sanitation. Stationed security personnel, round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, and on-call services at our FF21 PG in Kalyan Nagar for Ladies and Gents ensure your safety and security. For assistance regarding any amenity or facility, our service professionals are available to help. 

The aesthetically rich indoors beckon you to embrace calmness. Classic decorum on the walls, earthly plant pots dotted all over, and vintage collectives hanging everywhere enrich the presence of space. Surrounded by the creative tapestry all around, you will cherish every moment of being within the walls of FF21.

The Convenience of Living in Kalyan Nagar 

Kalyan Nagar is a fast-developing neighbourhood in Bangalore. It is located around 10 KM from the city centre, providing access to all major areas of the city. Banaswadi, Ramamurthy Nagar, Horamavu, and Krishnarajapuram are the surrounding areas. Manyata Tech Park is within 5 KM of Kalyan Nagar. IT professionals will commute less by choosing to stay at FF21 PG in Kalyan Nagar. HBR Layout crosses the nearest BMTC bus stop, while Baiyappanahalli is the closest metro station. 


There are plenty of hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment options in the area. Om Shakthi Temple is a famous temple for spiritual respite. HRBR park is a popular nature getaway—stroll amidst the greenery and take in fresh air. There is a CheleKere lake if you want to escape to solitude in the lap of nature. Then there is Sherlock's Pub and Brewklyn Microbrewery for weekend galas.


Discover the essence of community living at FF21 – Your Co-living & PGs in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru. If you seek accommodation near Nagawara, our PG in Nagawara offers convenience and comfort. Similarly, if you desire a coliving PG near Marathahalli, FF21 is your ideal destination. Experience vibrant community living at its best with FF21. 


Tailored Living Spaces for All 

Customisation is the first principle of FF21. Every aspect of FF21 PG in Kalyan Nagar is designed to promote dynamism. Because, you know, change is the only constant in life. When it comes to the gender aspect, FF21 serves the needs of YOU looking for the best ladies PG in Kalyan Nagar or a PG in Kalyan Nagar for gents. In short, FF21 is the best coliving space near Kalyan Nagar.

If you're wondering about the types of accommodation, fret not! There are double-occupancy rooms to complete your FF21 stay with an ideal companion. If all you need is a single-room PG in Kalyan Nagar, here you go with the private room facilities at FF21. Whatever the type of room, we ensure the highest class of living for everyone. Neither in the company nor in solitude will anyone step on your privacy, if that's what you wish. 


The safety measures we employ include 24x7 security patrols, CCTVs, professional services on call coupled with isolated indoor spaces. Of course, we practise strict admit policies when inviting our FFers. 

But customisation doesn't end there. Starting at the walls of FF21, it's in the mix of people, too. Diversity and inclusivity are the norm here. It is a sign that we encourage new ideas and perspectives, no matter where they come from. All this allows you to blossom to the fullest.  

Beyond Living – Community Events and Gatherings 

FF21 decodes the meaning of community living like no other PG in Bangalore. The indoors of our PG in Kalyan Nagar are always brimming with community-level activities. Whether it is festivals, weekend parties, sharing achievements, or get-togethers, FFers are surrounded by the warmth of a well-educated community. They connect, celebrate and grow together. 

There are movie nights, cultural euphoria, and talent showcases. Come evenings, people join together in game rooms for win-win plays. They gather in communal lounges to discuss career growth or chit-chat over coffee. While socialising is only limited by your imagination, FF21 PG in Kalyan Nagar opens up endless networking opportunities. 

FF21 is the ultimate destination for coliving in Bangalore. With its cosy living spaces, modern amenities, convenient location, and vibrant community scene, you dive right into the dynamic environment. Joining FF21 as a young professional seeking to grow is the right choice to make. Whether it is a PG in Kalyan Nagar for gents or ladies that you’re looking for, get in touch with FF21 today!

We welcome you to drop in or do a virtual location tour of our properties to determine if they suit your needs!

For more information on how we can make this happen together, whatsapp us or drop us an email today!

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Kundanhalli, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, HBR Layout 

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