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Room available 3 kms from Manyata Tech Park 

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Just 3kms away from Manyata Tech Park


FF21 - Manyata Tech Park

Modern Co-Living and PG Spaces near Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore for Young Professionals

Detailed Walkthrough of FF21-Manyata Tech Park

People are usually happiest at home and FF21 is full of happy people!

(Areas accessible from FF21-HBR - Kalyan Nagar, HBR Layout, Kamanahalli, Ramamurthy Nagar, Banaswadi, Nagawara, Manyata Tech Park, Hebbal, New BEL Road, Sahakarnagar, RMZ Infinity, MG Road ) 

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To sleep or not to sleep, we'll spoil you for choice!

Rooms available with Food! Register to know more. 


One room, two beds! Get a friend along or meet a new friend, become FFers together! We have bunk beds and side by side available!

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Price: INR 13,200
(Per person / Per month*)


A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Now take office con-calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!

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Price: INR 25,200
(Per person / Per month*)



*All the prices listed above are exclusive of taxes. 12% GST will be added, as applicable

A few more glimpses!

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Enjoy all the above amenities at your FF21! It's "All Inclusive" with your rental.

Come visit us, we will love to show you around!

Good to know - Checklist!

Welcome to FF21 – Your Co-living & PGs near Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore

Discover FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park, a quintessential community living in the heart of Bangalore. Going beyond the norms of a traditional PG, FF21 weaves magic by nurturing a pristine community feeling and sense of family among residents. Mainly designed for the newly relocated, FF21 helps you find a safe place to stay, relax and rewind. 

We help you grow in a thriving atmosphere without compromising on the spirit of celebration. Come and join a vibrant community where you're never an outsider!

Unparalleled Co-living Experience near Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore 

Breaking free from conventional PG norms, FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park redefines co-living, providing an unmatched experience with contemporary amenities. We stay true to our name as both women's PG near Manyata Tech Park and men's PG, where the focus is fostering a dynamic community.

A home to seasoned professionals in Bangalore, FF21 provides a platform to voice your thoughts and build invaluable networks. It's the perfect haven for the freshly relocated. It is the best ladies PG near Manyata Tech Park for safety and security. It is the ultimate place to colive near Manyata Tech Park where camaraderie and excitement blend seamlessly.

Elevate your spirits at weekend bashes and rally your peers during talent showcases in our vibrant indoor party spaces. FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park makes your transition to the cosmopolitan city easy and smooth.

Comfortable Living with All Modern Amenities

FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore is brimming with modernity all across. Many modern workstations beckon you to zone in, while the lavish bedrooms spoil your sleep choice. Every bedroom has study/work areas, contemporary bathrooms, soft bedding, and storage lockers.

Every space in FF21 PG Manyata Tech Park has access to unlimited internet, power backup, and uninterrupted water & electricity. Rest assured, focus on what you do best without hesitation. 

The indoor game spaces, a vending machine, shared kitchens, community lounges, greenish outdoors and posh ambiences; everything at FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore is tuned to offer the best comfort and convenience. Safety is the utmost concern at our coliving PG in Bangalore– 24x7 CCTV surveillance, stationed security, and readily available service professionals. Everything ensures your safety and security is covered. 

The Convenience of Living near Manyata Tech Park

Opting for FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park in Bangalore is an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and a vibrant lifestyle. Proximity to major tech hubs is a standout feature. It's a short and hassle-free commute for professionals working in the IT industry. FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park makes job trials convenient, too.

FF21 PG Manyata Tech Park is surrounded by plenty of recreational spots, restaurants, and cultural hubs. Elements Mall is 15 minutes from FF21 PG in Manyata Tech Park. Lumbini Gardens is your nearest choice for fresh air and serenity. Sports X is another excellent place near FF21 PG in Manyata Tech Park to unwind after work. Nagawara is the nearest metro station to FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park. 

Tailored Living Spaces for All 

We understand that everyone has different needs, and monotony is demotivating. That's why you will notice our efforts to weave customisation into every element, whether in rooms, lounges, or outdoors. Specially curated social spaces, personalised bedrooms, aesthetically rich decor, cosy furniture, and a compelling food scene have a special place at FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park.

While they stay as neighbours at FF21, men and women enjoy personalised amenities. Unique wardrobes, spaced rooms, and the option to choose their neighbours ensure individual privacy is upheld above all.

Witness people from all walks of life get together amazingly at FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park. We insist you embrace new people and new ideas, too. Think out-of-box for whatever you take up. Know that the status quo is unwelcome at all costs! 

Double Occupancy: One room, two beds! Get a friend along or, meet a new friend, and become FFers together! We have bunk beds and side-by-side available!

Private Rooms: A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Take office calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!

The most underrated aspect of FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park is affordability. At our PG, you pay for what you deserve. You pay monthly rent that includes all costs, such as utilities and meals. 

Beyond Living – Community Events and Gatherings

It is no exaggeration that FF21 is the most happening co-living space in Bangalore. With cultural events, parties, get-togethers, and intense socialising, any day is full of activities at FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park. Come festivals, FF21 turns magical with exuberance suffused through FFers. Weekends are a blast with euphoria. 

The most significant advantage of living with a diversified community like FF21 is meeting new people. Go and meet the folks. Ask, learn and grow! How much to make out of our fantastic community is limited by your skill but nothing. Surrounded by tech professionals at FF21 PG near Manyata Tech Park, you have endless networking opportunities to broaden and improve your career.

FF21 PG celebrates life, not just co-living; connection, not just cooperation. Whether looking for a ladies PG near Manyata Tech Park or a gents PG near Manyata Tech Park, FF21 should be your top choice in Bangalore.

We welcome you to drop in or do a virtual location tour of our properties to determine if they suit your needs!

For more information on how we can make this happen together, whatsapp us or drop us an email today!

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Whatsapp at +91 93640 01685   |

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Stalk Us Here!

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Kundanhalli, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, HBR Layout 

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