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12 Apr 2024

Budget-Friendly PG Room Decoration Ideas

It is true that when you're a professional scaling up in your career, or a student focused on knowledge-gaining, you don't want to squander monetary resources on unnecessary things. But in this world of Instagram-worthy lifestyle, you don't want to keep your room bland and something of a bygone era! 

Consider some budget-friendly PG room decoration ideas to add life to your room. Making your room more lively doesn't have to be a distraction. With the right guidance, you can make your room a supportive atmosphere also for your soul and everyone visiting it (maybe your parents). Let's explore some PG room decorating ideas for you on a shoestring budget. Get the better of it from this blog post!

Bring Some Plants 

plant for pg room decoration

Planning some natural greenery around is not only among the budget-friendly PG room decoration ideas but is sustainable, too. Bring some small-potted plants and vines to keep in the sunlit areas. Ferns, Cactus, Pathos, Succulents, Bonsais, Aloe Vera, and Alocasia are some of the befitting choices in this category. 

These are low-maintenance choices that only require a little of your time. PG room decorating ideas like these are also natural cleaners, such as recycling and cleaning the room air for more oxygen. While they make for an excellent sight for the eyes, they are also known to enhance memory.

Create Memory Wall

memory wall

Walk down memory lane whenever you wish by creating a wall full of photographic moments! Unleash your creativity by decorating them on your PG room walls. Gather all the photos of you and your friends and collate them in different styles. Hang them using strings in vertical rows. Add graffiti to make it more descriptive and appealing. If you live in a private room, no worries! Collate the solo photos you have had and events you participated in with the community. 

It makes for an interesting visit for your guests to your room. It is one of the best PG room decoration ideas that costs you nothing but gives you plenty of good time. You can cherish them forever. They also make for interesting conversations whenever the characters meet or during leisure conversations!

Customise Bookshelves 


If you've got a section for keeping your most-loved books, make it look extraordinary with simple and intuitive organisation techniques. Keep them in stacks, interspersed rows, or collate them to make their titles blend, or arrange them in diagonal or vertical stacks. The PG room decoration ideas for this part are only limited by your imagination. If there are empty spaces, stick pictures on the back panel to further personalise the area. Keep your prized artwork and related stuff also in the space for decorative appeal.

Wall Art

wall art

Are you an in-built artist or painter? Can you doodle? Pour your creativity on the walls to make it one of the best budget PG room decoration ideas. Create relevant doodles on the walls to express your inner world. Make intricate art on the walls to engage viewership. Stick quotations or your favourite characters from Marvel. Just don't keep your wall bland. At the same time, don't go overboard to deface your wall!

Use Lighting Ideas

Room Lighting

When talking about lighting up your living space in coliving spaces, we're not talking about fairy lights to flaunt. Simple lighting infusing creativity when decorating can add aplenty to the appeal and decor of a PG room. Use walls, floors, balconies, outdoor gardens, etc., to execute your PG room decoration ideas for lighting. When you choose tea lights and small lamps, they are not a costly affair. Brainstorm to get the right resources and light your spaces up. Use different patterns and styles to put them up. Ensure to use them only during the night!

Arrange Mirrors

Room Mirrors

Mirrors in PG rooms are essential and ubiquitous. Why not use them for your PG room decoration ideas? Get the mirror in different shapes and attach them in unusual yet accessible places. For example, while helping you touch up your face during the daytime, they can also be good reflectors at night, producing pleasant lighting effects. The idea is to combine them with lighting placement. Or come with your hostel room decoration ideas for this. Whatever the choice, it is one of the best budget-friendly ideas to decorate your PG rooms within and without.

Invest in Utilities


If you don't have the time, energy, interest, or talent to buy multiple items or turn your walls into works of artistic mastery, invest in a single piece of utility. Get a stylised chair, foldable desk, single painting, wall clock, big fancy flower vase, or bedding material. We're sure they won't burn a hole in your pocket and will work as one of the best PG room decoration ideas to elevate your exclusive space.

Get Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Using polka dots and similar aesthetic wall stickers are truly uplifting PG room decoration ideas. While they make the spaces look elevated, they are inherently designed to be appealing to the eyes and soul. They help instil a sense of calmness in the viewers. Use paper and card stock in preferred colours to make various shapes of dots and create paper art. 

Get scissors, cellotapes, and gum ready for the task. Cut the coloured paper into various other shapes and stick them to walls. It is also the most friendly PG room decorating ideas to stay within budget and pour all your creativity and meticulousness. BTW it's a great time-pass activity, too!

Embroider Your Bedding Materials

Embroider Your Bedding Materials

If you know stitching or embroidery, we know you won't leave the slightest opportunity to animate every piece of cloth in use. Even if you don't need to learn the skills, you can get the bedding materials like blankets embroidered in natural styles, using natural dyes for fabrics. It won't cost a little to bring these PG room decoration ideas to life while providing a good way to add extra appeal to your living space.

More Budget-Friendly PG Room Decorating Ideas

  • Add tapestry to your PG room walls.

  • Personalise your hangers and wardrobe.

  • Add lamp threads to ropes. 

  • Create a bed canopy with vines or transparent clothing covers.

  • Bring in a corkboard to keep important timetables and events.

  • Get non-magnetic calendars to keep reminders of important events.

Precautions for Hostel Room Decoration Ideas

  • Ensure that decorations on walls, chairs, personal desks or bathrooms don't go overboard to become distracting or excessive.

  • Always respect the rules of the shared space before attempting any of the PG room decorating ideas. 

  • If you're using wall stickers or such hostel room decoration items, ensure they allow for easy removal.

  • Also, get hostel room decoration items that serve multiple purposes, like mirrors, chairs, desks, or storage options.

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Making your room conducive to your growth and inner-self is not a costly affair as such. Especially if it is a place you will come back to every evening after work or studies, it should be uplifting, even if it means taking out some bucks. We hope these ideas give you the impetus to follow in the footsteps of making your living space awesome!


What are some budget-friendly hostel room decoration items?

Repurposed bottles, pallet furniture, washi tape frames, themed decor, plant corner, book nook, DIY wall art, fabric tapestry, and string lights are some of the budget-friendly ideas for PG room decoration.

What are some hostel room decoration ideas to make my PG room cosy and inviting?

To cosy up your hostel room, add soft lights like string lights or a lamp. Throw in some soft pillows and a blanket on your bed. Putting up photos or personal things can make it feel more like home.

How do I declutter my PG room with decor?  

To decorate a small hostel room neatly, keep the design simple and minimal. Choose furniture that doubles as storage, like a storage ottoman or a bookshelf with baskets, to save space. A mirror can make the room look bigger. Stick to neutral or single-colour themes to make it feel open and roomy.

What are budget-friendly plants for indoor decor?

Some of the budget-friendly plants for indoor decoration ideas include Peace Lily Plant, Calathea Burle Marx, Philodendron, Green Fern, Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant, Dendrobium Orchid Plant, Peperomia Plant, Echeveria Mixed Succulent Plant, ZZ Plant, and Syngonium Plant.

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