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15 Apr 2024

The Ultimate Guide: How to Find the Perfect PG in Bangalore

Bangalore, the Garden City of India, draws people from across India and the world who are searching for careers and lifestyle choices. One of their major requirements is to find a place to stay. For people who come to the city for work, buying a house is not a viable option. Paying Guest "PG" accommodations offer an alternative.

Besides perfectly serving their temporary needs, PGs in Bangalore are grooming themselves to offer more than a place to stay. But how to find a good PG in Bangalore? We will address the question in this article. From narrowing down the requirements to consulting online websites, local classifieds and friends, there are many options. Learn about them herein.


Find location for PG in Bangalore

The easiest way to narrow down your search for a PG in Bangalore is to decide on a location. Find a good location based on your purpose of visit. 

  • Are you a working professional or a student? 

  • Are you taking any short-term coaching? 

  • Are you in Bangalore for exam preparation?

Based on the answers, you have a different answer to "how to find PG in Bangalore". If you're a working professional or student, choose a location that is close to your office or educational institution. The same goes true for "coaching". However, PGs in such locations tend to charge high rents, consuming a good chunk of your salary. 

If you stay indoors most of the time to prepare for exams, then you can also prioritise safety, type of locality, affordability, etc. If you're a girl/lady, then you must prioritise locations that have 24*7 police patrols, etc. In addition, the PG must also have added security features. 

If you're looking for a PG in Bangalore for males, the decision should be a balance of two main factors: budget and location. In the case of ladies' PGs, it's a tradeoff between safety and budget.



By defining your budget needs, the question "How to find PG in Bangalore" yields another simple answer: Define your budget and strictly look for areas that offer PGs that fit your budget. If an area doesn't qualify for your budget, there is no point in searching for PGs in that area. 

People looking for budget-friendly PGs must also calculate their daily commuting costs. If they go beyond the limits, rethink your budget-friendly PG choice. Ensure that both PG rent and commuting costs stay within budget.

Basic Amenities


What are the amenities you're looking for in a PG in Bangalore? From PGs offering basic amenities like boarding, lodging and food to coliving spaces with custom facilities, Bangalore offers a spectrum of choices. You might want a single-room PG in Bangalore with food or a unisex PG in Bangalore– a PG like FF21 is what you're looking for. Or you are looking for a 1 BHK PG in Bangalore. If you're sure about your needs, the search will become easier.

Online Resources

Utilise online websites specially catering to PG search in Bangalore, such as FF21, NestAway, Stanza Living, Zolo, CoFynd, Colive, etc. They present extensive listings available in a city along with plenty of filters to narrow down the search, such as budget, location, type of PG/room, amenities, etc.

Social Media

Join Facebook and Instagram groups dedicated to PGs and housing in Bangalore. Many landlords and PG dwellers post the latest notifications of vacancies in such groups. If you can't find a satisfactory answer to "how to find PG in Bangalore" in those groups, post your requirements. Concerned persons from groups will directly reach out to you and give you the necessary guidance.

Local Classifieds

Local newspapers, magazines, or community bulletin boards with advertisements for PGs are valuable sources of information about PGs in Bangalore. Deccan Herald and Kannada Prabha are two local newspapers. There is a good chance of landing at a good PG through this way.

Real Estate Websites

General real estate websites like Magicbricks, 99acres,, and NoBroker also cater to those looking for an answer to "how to find PG in Bangalore". Despite their primary purpose being to mediate selling and renting properties, they can help you find a good PG in Bangalore.

Seek References

Spread your concern about "how to find a good PG in Bangalore" among your friends, colleagues, family members, or acquaintances in Bangalore. This is the most trustworthy option by far. If you don't have direct friends, proactively reach out to distant friends. We're sure they would be more than willing to help!

Attend Housing Expos or Events

It may sound counterintuitive, but housing expos bring together all major landlords, tenants, and real estate professionals under one roof. It becomes easy to find a suitable PG that offers all the amenities. What's more, booking such events also entails getting discounts or offers.

Utilise Google Maps

A less popular answer to "how to find pg in Bangalore" lies right in your palm-sized mobile phone! We're talking about Google Maps. They are frequently used for navigation. But there is much more to Google Maps than apparent. Simply type in "PGs in xxxx (the area of search in Bangalore" where you're looking for a PG. Google Maps will instantly take you to the area and allow a pop of all the PG facilities located in the area. 

There is one caveat! Only those PGs that mapped their details are likely to appear in the results. Though it is a setback, the advantage and convenience of using Google Maps to find PGs in a locality is unmatched. 

Once you spot a particular PG in Google Maps, you can also learn its distance from prime locations, nearby facilities, tourist places, and much more. Do give it a try!

Traditional Way

The traditional way is to walk along the streets or ride on bikes to check for the existence and availability of PG facilities. Initially, start with areas that are near to your office location or that offer convenience to your daily needs. If you're a student, search in the areas near your educational institution. If you're simply in Bangalore for exam preparation, which only involves a minimal commute, choose any convenient and safe location. 

This traditional way for "how to find PG in Bangalore" works as a last resort. It is also a good option if you're a local who knows the city better. Take your friend along with you as part of the search party. Better yet, take along a friend who knows the local language well. It maximises the chances of going well with the landlords if you come across a PG accommodation.


As we can see, the answer to "how to find PG in Bangalore" is not a one-liner. It depends on individual choices, requirements, budget, and availability. Choosing the best PG in Bangalore is a tradeoff between all these factors. For ladies, security and safety are the priority. Whereas for gents, location and budget could be a priority. In any case, the above methods serve as exhaustive guidance for finding a good PG in Bangalore. 

If you're looking for a coliving PG in Whitefield, HBR Layout, Mahadevapura, Marathahalli, and Munnekollal, FF21 is here to serve you better. Contact us today!

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How do I find a good PG in Bangalore for Males?

  • Search online websites like ff21, Stanza, Zolo, or CoFynd.

  • Decide on budget, location, and amenities.

  • Seek recommendations from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances in the area.

  • Directly go in person to search for PGs in Bangalore.

What are the best areas in Bangalore for a PG?

Whitefield, Marathahalli, Mahadevapura, HBR Layout, Kundalahalli, Munnekollal, Manyata Tech Park, Bellandur, Nagawara, and Kalyan Nagar are some of the best areas for PG in Bangalore.

Where can I find a unisex PG in Bangalore?

FF21 is one of the best unisex PGs in Bangalore. It is located in prime areas close to IT parks like ITPL, Manyata, Helios, Prestige, Bellandur Ecospace, etc

What are the basic amenities to look for in a PG in Bangalore?

Basic amenities to look for in a Bangalore PG include furnished rooms, attached bathrooms, 24/7 water supply, electricity backup, Wi-Fi connectivity, security measures, cleaning services, laundry facilities, kitchen access, proximity to public transport and essential amenities, social spaces, adherence to safety protocols, and clear terms and conditions.

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