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  • Where are the FF21 properties located currently?
    FF21 operates 5 properties at the moment at HBR Layout, Kundanahalli, Mahadevapura, ITPL and Thubarahalli.
  • What is FF21
    FF21 offers best-in-class co-living spaces with a strong focus on experience design, community and technology. We currently operate over a 1000+ beds in Bangalore. At the core of FF21, is to create safe and fun spaces for the young millenials who are new to the city and provide the right environment Where Friends Become Family. The FF21 brand, is wholly owned and operated by Sherwood Longstay Pvt Ltd.
  • Why should I choose FF21?
    FF21 lays a large emphasis on community living. 1. FF21 has a very vibrant community. The residents themselves are a great bunch of folks who live, work and party hard. There are a lot of community activities that allow people to interact with one another, build relationships and network with other residents. 2. The space is designed keeping in mind the experiences we want to create for our residents. The design template is warm, cozy, fun, and homely across both our rooms and common areas. 3. FF21 uses a lot of technology that allows for professional and efficient delivery of services. Basically you would walk into a home Where Friends Become Family
  • Who is a typical FF21 resident?
    A typical FFer is a working professional between 21-30 years of age. FF21 is a coliving space and hence men, women and couples are welcome to stay at our properties.
  • Can I change my check-in date?
    Yes, you can change your check-in date by intimating the team in advance. However, the rent would begin from the date of the original check-in date.
  • Is there a booking amount to be paid?
    There is a 6000/- booking amount to be paid when making the booking. All payments are to be online. We do not accept cash payments
  • What room types are available at FF21 properties?
    We have twin share rooms, single occupancy rooms, studio rooms (twin / single) and Pod rooms. Room type availability varies from property to property. Do make sure you check the individual property details to understand the room types are available at each location. Check under the locations tab of the website for details on each individual FF21 property
  • What is the security deposit?
    There are 2 options for the security deposit A caution advance towards breakages and damages and a rental guarantee issued by Eqaro Guarantees ( which covers the lock-in period, rental dues and breach of the 30 days notice period 2 months’ rent as security deposit Eqaro Guarantees run a credit check at their end, if the eligibility cannot be met then 2 months' rent as deposit is to be paid. Eqaro Guarantees charges a fee for conducting the eligibility check and for issuing the guarantee on your behalf.
  • Will the booking amount be refunded in case of a cancellation?
    The booking amount would not be refunded in the event of a cancellation prior to check-in. You can however, defer your check-in for upto 6 months. In the case of a deferment, the rent applicable at the time of check-in would be the prevailing rent at that time. In the event, we are unable to confirm a booking due to unavailability, then the amount would be refunded.
  • If I join in the middle of the month, what will be my rent cycle?
    Our billing cycle is always 1st-30th/31st of the month. If you move in at some point during the month, your billing is calculated on a pro-rated basis for the 1st month and thereafter it would follow the monthly cycle. Example- if the check-in date is 20th July, your billing for July would be 20th-31st July. Billing of August would be 1st-31st Aug and so on.
  • What is a rental guarantee?
    A rental guarantee is issued by EQARO issued on behalf of the tenant protecting the landlord against losses in the event of a default by the tenant. Rental bonds are used as alternative to cash security deposits and covers the dues for Breach in 3 month lock-in period Overdue rents Breach of 30 day notice period when vacating the property For more on Eqaro guarantees, you can visit - A processing fee is charged by Eqaro Guarantees for conducting the eligibility check and issuing the rental guarantee on behalf of the tenant
  • How do I make a booking at FF21?
    Once you have visited / seen the property and have decided on the room type that you are interested in, the sales associate will send you a booking form. You would need to fill the booking form and make a non-refundable payment of 5000/- for confirming the reservation
  • What is the minimum period of stay at FF21?
    Across all properties of FF21, there is a minimum stay period of 3 months from date of check-in
  • Can I transfer my booking to someone else?
    Unfortunately, no. Bookings once made is not- transferable to anyone else.
  • Is food included in the rent?
    Food costs are not included in the pricing indicated on the website.
  • Does FF21 provide food?
    To ensure that the residents have a wider choice of food to select based on individual preferences in terms of taste, options and meal plans, we have tied up with vendors who deliver food to the property. You can select a vendor and a subscription package of your choice. You can also customise the meal plan to suit your individual needs. Every FF21 property also has a fully equipped self cooking kitchen which you can use if you would like to cook on your own.
  • Is parking available at FF21?
    There are limited slots for covered 2 wheeler parking across our properties. Any covered 2 wheeler parking would be on chargeable basis. For 4 wheelers, there is no parking available at our properties. These would have to be parked street side. FF21 would not assume any responsibility of vehicles parked outside its premises.
  • Can I install my own WiFi router?
    We do not allow installation of individual WiFi routers in the building. However you can choose to use any wireless dongles if you prefer.
  • Do I have to pay separately for Water and Electricity?
    Water and electricity charges are included in the rent. There are no separate charges for this. A fair usage policy does apply and we expect the residents to be judicious in their usage of water and electricity. Certain appliances are not allowed to be used in the rooms. Additional charges would apply if these appliances are found to be in use within the property
  • How does the housekeeping service get delivered?
    The housekeeping is scheduled and you would be sent a message on the day your room is scheduled for cleaning. You would drop off the keys at the reception if you are not in the building and the team would clean and keep your room ready for you.
  • How does the laundry service work?
    At time of check-in you would be provided a laundry bag with your room number marked. Each month as part of the laundry package, you would get 2 coupons of 6Kgs each. On the designated day for laundry, you would need to obtain a laundry code and handover your laundry bag to the reception. The laundry bag is sent to the central laundry and returned post wash. Additional coupons can be purchased through the FF21 App. Ironing services are not available at the laundry. You can get your own iron or give your clothese to a local ironing vendor for ironing.
  • Are washing machines provided at the individual properties?
    Washing machines are not available at the individual properties. We have a central laundry managed by a professional vendor. All laundry bags are sent there and returned post wash.
  • What amenities / services are available at the FF21 properties?
    Amenities available at the FF21 properties include Housekeeping, Maintenance, 24X7 Power Backup, Hot Water, RO Drinking Water, CCTV, Linen Change, Laundry, Wifi and use of common areas that include Home Theatre, Games Room, Self Cooking Kitchens and Workstations. For amenities/services that are included and those that are chargeable, please check the brochures or clarify with the sales agents. You can also rent out refrigerator boxes for the common refrigerator and workstations in your rooms
  • What should I do in case of a discrepancy in my bill?
    For any queries/clarifications on the bill/dues, you would need to a raise a ticket through the FF21 App. The team would check and get back to you with necessary details and resolve the issue.
  • Where do I access my rent details and other dues?
    Once you check-in, you would have access to the FF21 community App. This would give you access to your account statement - bills, payments made, credits applied and overall dues. There is also an option to make any payments through the App itself
  • How do I report issues?
    You can raise a ticket through the FF21 App for any issues related to your room, common areas, staff or other residents. Your ticket will be worked upon, updated and resolved by the respective teams.
  • Is there a referral process at FF21
    You can raise a referral through the 'Refer a Friend' option in the FF21 App. Details of the referral program is updated from time to time and is available in the FF21 App. Referral amounts are credited to your FF21 account once the person you have referred has moved in.
  • Is usage of any of the common areas chargeable?
    The common areas can be used by the residents at anytime during the day. However, if you would like to organise a private get-together or private screening at the home theatre, FF21 will assist in organising the event and there would be a nominal charge.
  • What happens if I don't pay the rent by the due date?
    In the event that you don't pay the rent within the due date, there would be a late payment charge that would be applied. If the rent is due beyond 45 days, FF21 would exercise it's right to the rental guarantee and claim the unpaid dues amount from Eqaro Guarantees
  • When is the rent due?
    Rent is paid in advance on the 1st of every month. You would be able to see your dues for the month and make the payment between 1st-6th of the month.
  • How do I get to meet other residents at the property?
    Through the community App, you would be able to reach out to other residents who share similar interests, get updates on events/activities happening both within and outside the property, be part of groups and meet-ups, reach out for any professional / personal help, etc. We have a very vibrant and fun loving community and you would be able to make friends easily.
  • Are visitors permitted at FF21?
    As it is your home, you can bring over your guests. Day visitors are allowed between 9am-9pm. You would need to register them at the reception and they would need to leave their ID at the reception which they can collect when leaving the property.
  • Are there any time restrictions at the FF21 property?
    Each resident is provided access to the main doors at the property. You can come and go at anytime based on your work timings, social commitments, etc
  • What are the rules around smoking / drinking?
    Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on the terrace or on the ground floor outside the building Drinking is not permitted in the common areas Consumption of any illegal substances and misbehaviour on account of alcohol consumption would lead to immediate eviction
  • Can I have overnight guests?
    Yes, overnight guests are allowed. You would need to raise a request 24 hours in advance through the FF21 App. The different room types have certain allowances per month for overnight guests.
  • Are pets allowed at FF21?
    Unfortunately, our spaces are not designed in a manner that would be suitable for pets and hence pets are not allowed at FF21
  • What are the move-out charges?
    Move-out charges of Rs. 2999 (inclusive of GST) is charged at the time of moving out of the property. This is towards any refurbishment and maintenance charges once you vacate the property.
  • How do I raise a check-out notice?
    The check-out notice has to be raised 30 days in advance through the FF21 App
  • How does the deposit refund process work?
    When your check-out formalities are completed at the property, we send you a final statement of all charges, payments, credits and refund amount. Once you check the final statement and approve it, any refund amount is processed within 90 days.
  • Can I cancel/postpone my check-out date?
    Of course, you can cancel or postpone your check-out date. However, any cancelation or postponement would also depend on availability of the room in the event another booking is already accepted. In the case of a cancelation of check-out request or extension / postponement beyond 30days, a fresh check-out request atleast 30days in advance will need to be provided through the FF21 App
  • When do I need to inform FF21 about vacating?
    You would need to a raise a check-out request through the FF21 App atleast 30 days in advance of your checking out date
  • Can I prepone my check-out date?
    At any point you would need to serve 30 days of notice. So if you wish you leave before the 30 days are served, you would be charged for the 30 days period and you need to settle your dues accordingly.
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