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Room at INR 10,000 with Food

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A place where you can make


FF21 - Hope Farm

Modern Co-Living and PG Spaces near Hope Farm, Bangalore for Young Professionals

Detailed Walkthrough of FF21-ITPL

Be who you are in a place where your individuality is treasured!

(Areas accessible from FF21-ITP - Whitefield, AECS Layout, Brookefield, Hope Farm, Nallurahalli, ITPL, EPIP Zone, Prestige Shantiniketan)

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Rooms available with Food! Register to know more. 

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One room, two beds! Get a friend along or meet a new friend, become FFers together!

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Price: INR 10,000
(Per person / Per month*)


A twin sharing room with a dry kitchenette. This studio can accommodate separate twin beds or a double bed too!

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Price: INR 16,500
(Per person / Per month*)


A single occupancy room with all the privacy you need! Now take office con-calls or connect with a loved one in absolute peace!

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Price: INR 22,500
(Per person / Per month*)

Book now with our new ZERO DEPOSIT policy!


*All the prices listed above are exclusive of taxes. 12% GST will be added, as applicable

TnC apply* 


A few more glimpses!

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Enjoy all the above amenities at your FF21! It's "All Inclusive" with your rental.

Come visit us, we will love to show you around!

Good to know - Checklist!

Welcome to FF21– Your Co-living & PGs near Hope Farm, Bangalore

Welcome to FF21, where co-living and PGs near Hope Farm, Bangalore, redefine urban living. Situated in a prime location, FF21 offers a harmonious blend of comfort, community, and convenience. Our co-living spaces are designed to foster connections, ensuring that you feel at home from the moment you step in. Discover a PG near Hope Farm where modern amenities meet a vibrant community, creating an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Bangalore.

Unparalleled Co-living Experience Near Hope Farm, Bangalore

FF21 emerges as a premier PG with unique facilities and community aspects tailored for the newly relocated to Bangalore. Surrounded by the warmth of a professional community, there is no room to feel alone at our PG near Hope Farm Bangalore. The endless opportunities to socialise, meet new people, and make friends wrap one entirely in a feeling of security and warmth. The modern amenities and aesthetic spaces add up to give the most unparalleled coliving experience ever in Bangalore.

Comfortable Living with All Modern Amenities

Community is not the only aspect of FF21; comfort is also important. The amenities and multitude of facilities at FF21 are designed to make your life easy and upgraded. There are basic amenities anyway—furnished rooms, high-speed WiFi, water, electricity, bathrooms, 24/7 security, cleaning, and sanitation. 

We go beyond that to make life convenient at FF21 PG near Hope Farm. There are workstations to unleash your productivity, a vending machine for quick snacks, a game room to toss a game, outdoor gardens, a self-cooking kitchen, party spaces, communal lounges, and so on. All the modern amenities are reasonably priced at our PG near Hope Farm. Food costs are included in the rent, just like the cost of basic utilities. 

The staff of FF21 PG near Hope Farm Whitefield is professional and polite. They work relentlessly to make the experience memorable. If you feel something is not right, there is a grievance and complaints section!

The Convenience of Living Near Hope Farm

What is the speciality of living near Hope Farm? You’re located close to the ITPL Tech Park. FF21 is rightly situated in a peaceful neighbourhood. The prime location without compromising on a serene living atmosphere sets FF21 apart from other coliving PGs near Hope Farm. 

Professionals are saved from commuting time and money! Reduced commuting is reduced stress! When you come back to FF21 PG near Hope Farm, peace reigns all over again.

If you’re seeking weekend fun or a change, you don’t have to go far, either! FF21 is surrounded by Park Square Mall, Brookfield Mall, Nexus Whitefield, and Virginia Mall. Maithri Layout Park and Sheelavanthakere Lake and Park serve as natural retreats. A metro station is 8 minutes away if you want to reach further into the city.


Discover the convenience of living at FF21, offering co-living and PGs near Hope Farm, Bangalore. Strategically located, FF21 provides a harmonious blend of comfort and community. Whether you seek PGs near Ecospace for proximity to IT hubs or coliving PGs near AECS Layout for a serene environment, FF21 ensures an unparalleled urban living experience. 

Tailored Living Spaces for All

At FF21, we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences. That’s why our living spaces are thoughtfully designed to cater to everyone, from working professionals to students. Our rooms are furnished with modern décor and equipped with essential amenities to ensure your comfort. 

Whether you prefer a private room for solitude or a shared space for companionship, FF21 has the perfect accommodation for you. Enjoy a living environment that adapts to your lifestyle and supports your personal growth.

Gents PG near Hope Farm: FF21 accommodates men/gents to serve their personal and professional needs in the best possible way.

Ladies PG in Hope Farm: FF21 transforms into the best ladies PG in Bangalore, offering a blend of tailored amenities, utmost privacy and safety of an educated community.

Unisex PG near Hope Farm: FF21 invents itself to be unisex, serving both men and women with utmost care to uphold their individuality and privacy. 


Beyond Living – Community Events and Gatherings

Living at FF21 is about more than just having a place to stay; it's about being part of a thriving community. We regularly host community events and gatherings that bring residents together, fostering friendships and creating lasting memories. From game nights and movie screenings to cultural festivals and workshops, there's always something happening at FF21 PG near Hope Farm Bangalore. 

For growing professionals, FF21 offers invaluable networking opportunities. You can socialise not just to spend time, but to make a life. You’re welcome to meet new people, take advice, and even new career opportunities. No matter where you come from, living close to a community at FF21 is to expand the horizons of who you are. Your next big step in your career is bound to start here.

These events are designed to enrich your living experience, offering opportunities to learn, socialise, and grow. Join us at FF21, where every day is an opportunity to connect and thrive.

We welcome you to drop in or do a virtual location tour of our properties to determine if they suit your needs!

For more information on how we can make this happen together, whatsapp us or drop us an email today!

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Whatsapp at +91 93640 01685   |

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Stalk Us Here!

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Kundanhalli, Mahadevpura, Whitefield, HBR Layout 

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